PZ KARATE FUDOKAN w likwidacji

List Przewodniczącego ITKF, Richarda Jorgensena.

Jedną z głównych organizacji tworzących WUK jest International Traditional Karate Federation z siedzibą w Los Angeles, w której PZKF posiada członkostwo i jest przedstawicielem karate tradycyjnego w Polsce.

Oto list Przewodniczącego ITKF, Richarda Jorgensena:

July 21, 2014

To All ITKFNational Federation Members

Re: World Unification of Karate

Attached pleasefind a Media Release announcing the unification of world karate and theformation of a new World Governing Body for karate – United World Karate.

In 1996, I had thepleasure of presenting the proposed unification constitution to the ITKF WorldCongress in Sao Paulo, Brazil on behalf of the Joint Working Committee of ITKF andWKF. The World Congress of ITKF endorsedthis Constitution as it is based on the IOC principles of unification communicatedby the IOC Judicial Commission and endorsed by the IOC 101st Sessionheld in Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, tothis day the leadership of WKF has blocked the adoption of unification and hasfailed in its responsibility to unify karate world-wide.

As a result of theWKF failure several major International Federations have left WKF and remainedindependent to the point that there is now more Karate being practiced outsideof the WKF than inside WKF. It is now recognizedthat the leadership of WKF has damaged the image of karate as a whole. ITKF once again took the leadership forunification and achieved a significant and powerful step to the fulfillment ofthe work of our Founding President, Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama. We have achieved unification!

Moving forward,there will be unified World Championships between 3 Disciplines of CompetitionCategories; These are; Traditional Karate, General Karate and ContactKarate. Traditional Karate will begoverned by the International Traditional Karate Federation Rules ofCompetition.

Each NationalFederation will reorganize under this umbrella – United World Karate. As a result, in each country, the ITKFrecognized National Federation will be the Traditional Karate representative. We have now formed one of the largest worldsport governing bodies with more than 110 National Federations and millions ofparticipants. More importantly, athletesare now free to choose the competition discipline of their choice.

In keeping withthe historical significance of this moment, I am pleased to announce that I waselected as the President of Unified World Karate and Dr. Vladimir Jorga as theVice President and Chairman of the Traditional Karate Commission governing theDiscipline of Traditional Karate. Inaddition, I am also pleased to inform you that we will hold the first UnitedWorld Karate Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil in October of 2015. Further information will be forthcoming. However, all details of this momentous achievementwill be discussed at the ITKF World Congress to be held in conjunction with theITKF World Championships in Cairo, Egypt in November 2014. It is imperative that all ITKF NationalFederations attend in Cairo.

Should you haveany questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Richard Jorgensen,Chairman

InternationalTraditional Karate Federation